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Mediation and Crisis Management

During crisis, especially ones impacting internal or external clients, it is necessary to engage a mediator, which in itself is a proactive, and not reactive, way to reach resolution. The most important thing about mediation is who the mediator is. Phyllis Reha has a very lengthy list of successful mediation, and also taught mediation at The National Judicial College in Reno, NV. She has also given many continuing legal education (CLE) courses on the topic. 


Phyllis Reha, Principal of PAR Energy Solutions LLC, was the mediator on the high-profile Interconnection Standards for Minnesota Community Solar Gardens, which resulted in a settlement agreement between Xcel Energy and the Community Solar developers. She was also integral in resolving the Flying Cloud Landfill Dispute, that included the City of Eden Prairie and other environmental stakeholders. Ms. Reha also mediated the dispute involving the Metropolitan Council Sewage Treatment Plant in Eagan, neighborhood organizations. and other environmental interests. Ms. Reha has a savvy, insider understanding of the way mediation should be conducted and utilized to achieve dispute resolution.

Crisis Management

Sometimes, things just don't go quite right. Perhaps your company is dealing with a public relations or media inquiry, and is unsure of the proper strategic direction to ensure the least damaging public response. Ms. Reha, in her capacity as an experienced energy consultant, assisted a large pipeline company and, in a separate matter, a natural gas distribution company, to overcome the challenges presented by a strong media backlash and regulatory scrutiny.

Recommended reading on Crisis Management:

  • The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure by Arjen Boin
  • Rethinking Reputation: How PR Trumps Marketing and Advertising by Frasier Seitel
  • British Petroleum Oil Spill Crisis and Aftermath by Vijayakumar Honnungar
  • Harvard Business Review on Crisis Management by Norman R. Augustine, et. al