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Policy Papers & Comments

PAR Energy Solutions LLC has written thorough policy briefings for high-profile, Google-funded enterprises, including the Energy Foundation and other energy stakeholders, on issues related to privacy and access to energy data. Ms. Reha also prepares analysis and presentations on energy efficiency and structural changes to utility business models.


What are Policy Papers & Comments?

Policy papers and written comments mostly encompass analysis of important energy issues that our clients can submit to State Public Utility Commissions and other federal and regional bodies. This can include entities such as the FERC, MISO, non-profits, State Utility Commissions, and other various stakeholder organizations.

What do these written comments typically contain?

Written comments usually contain analysis and advocacy pertaining to the clients' interests. For example, Ms. Reha has assisted clients in submitting comments on FERC and State Utility Commission rule-makings.

Can these papers and comments apply to non-governmental entities?

Ms. Reha and PAR Energy Solutions LLC has also worked with nonprofits who advocate for sustainable and clean energy, such as The Energy Foundation, to assist them in determining where best to invest and allocate their resources.