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Business Development

PAR Energy Solutions LLC, and Ms. Phyllis Reha, Principal, have an extensive network of business and regulatory contacts in the energy field from her years of experience collaborating with both the private and public sectors, including the MN PUC, NARUC, MARC, FERC, and DOE Electricity Advisory Committee. When expanding into new and possibly uncharted areas, it is beneficial to retain somebody with the knowledge and relationships in these areas to help grow your business.


There are no guarantees in life. Growing a business, especially in relatively new areas, such as the alternative energy sector, and/or revamped areas such as cleaner traditional energy sources, comes with many opportunities for increased revenue. However, there are also barriers that can be major setbacks to desired growth objectives. It is altruistic and potentially lucrative to delve into new opportunities in the energy sector, especially when innovation and efficiency will inevitably result from new market opportunities. One should look at the whole chessboard and acknowledge, appreciate and desire a true understanding of the multi-faceted components required in clean (or clean-er) energy investment.


Since a concept is nothing without funding and a plan, one should seriously weigh the options and potential when expanding business. This is especially true in the alternative energy and sustainable fields. A business needs a road-map to success when delving into uncharted territory. Without a road-map, plan, the right counsel, and support, it is like shouting into the wind. Without the right support, it is akin to one climbing to the top of the Sears' (now Willis) tower, standing on the needle, and shouting, "I am investing large sums of money into a new sector, and this is important to growing my business!" While a few passerby's on the street may vaguely hear you and be curious to your intentions, it is impossible to obtain true growth for your shareholders and colleagues without a plan and savvy support. PAR Energy Solutions looks at the whole chessboard to guide our clients through all the necessary steps required -- including resource allocation, relationship-marketing, and regulatory hurdles -- to obtain and exceed the desired results necessary to grow your business below budget and ahead of schedule.