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Strategic Government Relations

Growth and expansion opportunities in the energy and power sectors come with many opportunities and regulatory hurdles. Phyllis Reha and her dedicated team assist her clients with complex regulatory matters where the issues at stake include millions of dollars, reputation, and changing energy business models

What are some Strategic Government Relations steps I can take?

  • Always consult with an expert attorney or advisor

  • Evaluate the complex issues from opposing sides

  • Discuss the implications with regulators

  • Be vigilant in adhering to ex-parte rules and ethics

  • Use every avenue available to present your argument

Phyllis Reha is a talented and experienced consultant who will always be available to her clients. If you have an issue that requires the know-how and experience to navigate these complex issues, as noted above, you may want to hire PAR Energy Solutions, LLC. We will run a conflicts check to make sure that your perspective and portfolio gets our undivided and proper attention. Phyllis has served decades being not just a commissioner, but also a Senior Advisor and Chief Strategist to many organizations, who rely on her sound judgement and vigorous, but ethical, representation.