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Confidential Advising

PAR Energy Solutions prides itself on maintaining a robust, diverse clientele from a variety of different energy and policy sectors. In doing so, ethics, honesty, loyalty and discretion are of the utmost importance to Ms. Reha and her firm. Over the years, Ms. Reha has established a reputation, lauded by her peers, of honesty and candor. She tells it like it is, while maintaining such discussions with clients behind closed doors, and never letting it seep into the public domain.


Attorney-Client Privilege

While not being her primary focus, Ms. Reha is an attorney and thus prides herself in upholding the most stringent ethical standards for her and the clients she represents.


  1. PAR Energy Solutions, LLC will respond to calls or a request for a proposal

  2. PAR Energy Solutions, LLC will meet with her dedicated team on how the firm can best be of assistance to your company or industry

  3. PAR Energy Solutions, LLC will run a conflicts-check to be sure that the dedicated team can address the client's needs without even the appearance of impropriety

  4. PAR Energy Solutions, LLC will then meet with the prospective client to discuss possible synergies and avenues of collaboration

  5. PAR Energy Solutions, LLC will regroup as a team and discuss if they want to take this client on, see if it fits within their government relations portfolio, and if it is a good fit

  6. PAR Energy Solutions, LLC will begin a robust working relationship with the client and vigorously advocate in the government relations and consulting sphere to provide strategic policy expertise to address the client's needs

Based on the design and drafting of the interviews, the PAR Team will develop a survey
instrument to supplement and advance the topics and issues. The survey will be relatively
brief (so as not to burden the respondent with a lot of written detail; particularly when they
are going to be interviewed as well). It will be aimed to identify the high-level issues and
challenges that the various groups see in achieving their goals.


Discreet Interview Agendas

Based on the interviews design, PAR Energy Solutions, LLC will develop both a global agenda for our clients based on interviews, and specialized topics for specific interviews. Many of the interview questions will be the same across all interview groups (i.e., wind and solar industries, utilities, RTOs/ISOs, states, etc.). Other interview questions will be unique to the specific industry group.

Project best practices:

  • Respectful of people's time and expertise
  • Interviewing the correct people that will provide the proper feedback
  • Networking and connections in the industry
  • Properly summarize and utilize information obtained from their expertise

  • Synthesizing relevant information to include in the final report to the client

The business of providing electricity is changing dramatically. The change is due to power and
commodity market developments, the rapidly increasing pace of renewable energy development
and cost decreases, government legislation and regulations at the national and state levels. The issues at stake require trust and candor, two cornerstones of PAR Energy Solutions, LLC showcased through our decades of experience and great reputation helping high-value clients in the regulatory and policy industry.