PAR Energy Solutions LLC

Services Overview


Strategic Government Relations

Growth and expansion opportunities in the energy and power sectors come with many opportunities and regulatory hurdles. 

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Energy and Regulatory Consulting

With any regulated industry, your company needs the knowhow and savvy support to overcome obstacles and succeed. 

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Mediation and Crisis Management

As a trained mediator, and former Administrative Law Judge, Phyllis Reha can help your company with internal or external disputes requiring mediation and a technical knowledge of regulatory issues at play.

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Policy Papers and Comments

When walking into a meeting with a Public Utilities Commission or Economic Advisory Council, you want to be poised with the best and most compelling information to get your voice heard.

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Business Development

Developing new inroads and horizons for business relationships and opportunities requires savvy and intelligent support. PAR Energy Solutions have the know-how and knowledge on how to navigate tricky regulatory hurdles to help grow your thriving business.

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Speaking Engagements

Having been a former Public Utilities Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge, Phyllis Reha is in high demand on the speaking circuit and can bring the best, most lively perspective to your next meeting, panel, luncheon or workshop. 

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Meeting and Call Organization

PAR Energy Solutions has a vast network of thinkers, influencers, developers, and policy wonks that can assist you in achieving your goals. We are the best at organizing your calendar with strategic meetings and calls to help you grow your relationship network.

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Legal Analysis and Counseling

Any important docket will benefit from a legal perspective and thorough analysis of complex regulatory matters. Phyllis Reha, Principal of PAR Energy Solutions, LLC, is a registered attorney in good standing in Minnesota, Michigan, and Washington, DC who is qualified and capable to provide you or your business with expert legal analysis and counseling.

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Confidential Advisement

PAR Energy Solutions has worked with a variety of FERC, PUC, ALJ, and other regulatory and quasi-judicial bodies and their staff. Phyllis and her team can be a qualified addition to your project or portfolio to give confidential strategic advice, as a senior advisor, or as a chief strategist on energy and policy issues, and a variety of other political issues at stake.

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